Family Funeral Directors & Memorial Craftsmen

Providing over 110 years of personal, professional service

Every funeral should be a fitting tribute to the unique life of the person who has passed away. Our qualified, experienced funeral directors are here to guide you through the decisions you need to make to create the funeral you want for your loved one.

Care of your Loved One

We take great pride in the quality of our modern, local facilities. We employ a team of qualified, professional embalmers for this specialised area of service. We would strongly advise your loved one is taken into our care for embalming, particularly if viewing is to be arranged. Embalming restores a more natural appearance and allows you and your family to remember your loved one as they were in life. In most cases, embalming also ensures that the coffin can remain open for viewing.

Viewing is a common tradition in Scotland, which takes place in advance of the funeral service, allowing your family an opportunity to say goodbye on a personal level. Your loved one can be taken home to rest until the day of the funeral or viewing can be arranged for in one of our beautifully appointed and private rest rooms.

Burial or Cremation?


If burial is preferred, your first decision is which cemetery to choose.

If your family have an existing lair, our funeral director will require the original lair certificate. If the lair certificate is lost or mislaid, we will simply require the name of the cemetery, the name(s) of those interred and their date of death (if known).

To purchase a new lair we will need the name of the cemetery and the name and address of the person who the lair certificate is to be made out to. In North Lanarkshire, new lairs can only be purchased at the time of need and cannot be pre-purchased. The funeral director will advise on all regulations pertaining to burial or scattering of cremated remains in their cemeteries and advise on the costs.

The Cemetery for new lairs in Coatbridge is now on Coltswood Road, Coatbridge.

The Cemetery for new lairs in Airdrie is now New Monkland Cemetery in Glenmavis.


If you are considering cremation, then the main decision is which crematorium to choose.

Our funeral director will advise you on the services and costs for each crematorium. Any service that takes place must be carried out within the time allowed for each funeral; the duration varies between crematoria but is usually around 45 minutes.

Cremated Remains

  1. This is a personal choice for each family and thought must be given prior to the cremation taking place. Choices include:
  2. Interred or scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the
  3. Scattered at a favourite place of the deceased.
  4. Interred in a cemetery or private piece of ground.
  5. Keep the cremated remains at home.
  6. Retained by the funeral director until a decision is made.

If the cremated remains are to be transported abroad (or even within the UK) it is advisable to allow us to arrange this on your behalf.

Personalise the Service

Every funeral is unique and there are a number of options to personalise the service. Our funeral director will get to know you and your family and provide experienced advice and guidance on personal touches like flowers and music to ensure we make the occasion unique.