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The choice of coffin is personal to each family and reflects individual preferences, we offer a broad range of coffins and caskets to allow clients to express their individuality. We work with specially selected suppliers to provide the highest standard of coffin choice.

We provide all types of coffins from a traditional shaped wooden coffin, an expressional reflections picture coffin, Wicker or Bamboo which can be a coffin or oval shaped. Pictured below is a selection of coffins we offer from the traditional Oak Veneer, a Semi-Solid Oak to a full Solid Oak or Mahogany coffin.

Artiste and Britannia range of bespoke design Coffins & Caskets

We are pleased to announce a new range of unique personalised design coffins and caskets, allowing you to be involved in the design of a bespoke coffin or casket, to reflect the individuality of the life of your loved one.

The feedback we receive when a client has been involved in the design of a bespoke coffin or casket is a sense of love, emotion and even joy. Each family member may have a specific theme they can add that reflects the hobbies and passions of the person who has passed throughout their life (for example, sport, aeroplanes, military or even bingo).

Our funeral directors will guide you through each step of the design process and provide you with a printed visualisation prior to you purchasing your chosen coffin or casket.

Please click here to see our range of Artiste and Britannia coffins and caskets.